Management Related ebooks

MBA in a DAY
By :Steven Stralser
Publisher :John Wiley & Sons

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
By :Michael E. Gerber
Publisher :  ---

business at the speed of though
By :Bill Gates
Publisher :  ---

Creative Management 4 Creative Team
By :Mark McGuinness
Publisher :  ---

Encyclopedia of Management 5th Edition
By :Marilyn M. Helms, D.B.A.
Publisher :Thomson Gale

How To Be An Even Better Manager 6th Edition
Publisher :Kogan Page

How to Negotiate Like a Child
By :Bill Adler
Publisher :Amacom

How to work for an Idiot
By :John Hoover
Publisher :Career Press

Managerial Leadership
Publisher :McGraw-Hill

Art of War
By :Sun Tzu
Publisher :  ---

Polyester Prince on Dhirubhai
By :  ---
Publisher :  ---

Project MGT Guid Book
By :  ---
Publisher :Method 123

Social Psychology of the Workplace
By :  ---
Publisher :  ---

The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace
By :Cary Cherniss, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Maurice Elias
Publisher :  ---

The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid
By :C.k.Prahalad,Stuart L.Hart
Publisher :  ---

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